Friday, 23 March 2012

Around Diamond Creek

Mar 10
This morning I went to the mall with Monique to go to a specific store which is going out of business. There I bought a lovely navy blue suit for $60. It's great quality and obviously I'm going to need something to wear to job interviews. I also picked up $8 black flats from K-Mart. Monique was meeting a friend for coffee so I took a little wander of the mall on my own and picked up camp chairs for Beau and I. After we finished we headed back to the house. Beau and Ingo had gotten started on fixing the deck. Monique and I then cleaned out her study. The room was quite a disaster and they have new carpet coming in a few days. We emptied the room and then started sort through some of the papers. Ingo made a yummy slow cooker stew for dinner.

Mar 11
Today Beau and I planned to go into town since there are cheaper train tickets. Unfortunately Beau felt like crap so we figured it would be better for him to sleep. He's got a cold or something. After breakfast I went with Ingo to Costco. It was very much like Costco at home with slightly different things in it. It also sold beer, wine and spirits. I grabbed a few essentials like peanut butter, although you can buy much bigger peanut butter at home. When we had gotten back to the house Beau had woken up a short time before. I made us some lunch. Since it was such a beautiful day Monique suggested we take the dogs to the dog beach. We loaded the two dogs into the car and set off. It was a little ways away but the dogs loved it. Neither of the are very good at fetch but they had a lot of fun chasing other dogs around. Once they were sufficiently tired out we headed home. Of course right before we pulled into the driveway Juneau felt the need to shake and sand went flying all over the car. Beau and Ingo had been working on fixing the deck railing and one section of it was really coming along. We ended up going out for Vietnamese and I got a delicious vermicelli bowl. How I missed them. Afterwards we went to a very busy cafe for some dessert and coffee. I think we have eaten out in Australia more than we did our whole time in New Zealand.

Mar 12 – Bendigo
Beau still wasn't feeling well this morning so he stayed at the house while I accompanied Monique and Ingo to Bendigo. Bendigo is a small town outside of Melbourne.  They had plans to meet another couple there. We met up with their friends, a German couple, outside of the information center. They had their 6 month old boy, Henrik, with them. We went to a cafe for a coffee and sat outside so Snowy and Juneau could join us. Then we went for a nice stroll through the park. In one section there were a ton of bats hanging from the trees above us. It was bizarre. It was getting to be close to our ticket time for the Bendigo Art Gallery Exhibit. The exhibit was “Grace Kelly: Style Icon.” The girls went to the exhibit while the guys had a beer outside. I enjoyed the exhibit. There were many of Grace Kelly's dresses from throughout her life an career. It was interesting to see how the styles changed throughout the decades and how some design elements are coming back into fashion. I'm not sure how much the other two women liked it but it was definitely my niche. The exhibit could have had more photo's of Grace Kelly in the outfits shown, it would have given a more complete idea of how the garment looked on a person. We met back up with the guys outside and then the German couple had to be on there way. Monique, Ingo and I had some lunch at a burger joint that served amazing looking burgers. We then headed back to Diamond Creek. Beau had been pretty productive today even though he's still under the weather. He got our hinged table rigged up, which is pretty cool. Beau and I had some dinner and then got most of our stuff moved out to the car, we plan to drive down the Great Ocean Road the next few days. After getting packed away we watched an episode of Sons of Anarchy on the big tv.

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