Thursday, 17 May 2012

Work Work Work

April 23 – May 13 – work
Over the past three weeks we worked at a call center as inbound customer services representatives for a shopping rewards program. Our first week was absolute madness. The phones were ringing off the hook and we had no idea what we were doing. The first day consisted of us with our hands up for help. After the first week or so there was a noticeable difference in call volume. There were e-mails sent out asking who wants to go home early or wants unpaid breaks. We also had to adhere to an “average handling time” or AHT which was how long you were supposed to be on a call for and for after call work; the AHT was 155sec. So we had about 2.5 min to find out why they were calling and to answer their questions and get them off the phone. Since Beau and I are such helpful people we didn't have very good AHTs. Oh well. During the last week of work I had about 22hrs and Beau had about 30hrs. We decided this wasn't enough to keep us in town anymore. We told our boss we were leaving and thanked them for the opportunity. They were already starting to lay people off so I'm sure they weren't too upset about it. It's nice to be unemployed again.

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